Feeling anxious sometimes is normal, but when your anxiety starts to take over and impact your life it becomes problematic. None of this is your fault, just like heart disease and cancer, mental illnesses have underlying physiology that contribute to the disease and just like heart disease and cancer there are lifestyle choices you can make to change the path of your health future starting today.

 Hi! I’m Dr. Nicole DeYonge ND

Tranquil Mind Naturopath

I use naturopathic medicine to help people with anxiety create calmer lives.
You are probably here right now because 
has taken over your LIFE.

 You may be feeling 
& aren’t sure where to turn.
Your emotions are all over the place so you don’t feel like yourself. Your work performance is suffering because you can’t concentrate and that makes you feel even worse.

You feel guilty that things are constantly falling through the cracks in your life. You feel like you’ve lost your connection with your friends. You don’t have the energy and focus for your family.

To get through the day you find yourself eating sugar, and staring at your phone. You can’t sleep so you watch Netflix until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore.

And the stress is affecting your body. Your stomach feels like it’s squirming, your head aches, and your libido is nowhere to be seen.

I know because I’ve been there. And I want you to think about something...
What if it wasn’t like this?
What would it mean if you could clear away anxious and stressful thoughts in a minute instead of having them linger for the entire day?

Think of all the time you would be getting back into your life.
What would it be like if your mind was clear and your emotions were balanced?

How much could you get done in a day?
What would that do for your confidence?
For your relationships?

What if you didn’t feel guilty and overwhelmed?
What if instead you felt you felt an inner sense of peace that allowed you to head into any situation, no matter how chaotic, and leave still feeling like yourself?
When it Comes to Managing 
 I Have some Good News & some Bad News.
The good news is that you can absolutely do it. You can have a life that isn't dictated by anxiety, where you feel confident, joyful and fulfilled.
The bad news is that this isn’t going to change on its own. In fact if you do nothing you are going to get worse instead of better.

This is why so many people end up stuck in their anxiety. They stay in the same thought spirals for YEARS. They don’t know how to attack their anxieties head on, so they spend their life avoiding things and their world just gets smaller and smaller and smaller.

Anxiety is incredibly common, most research estimates 20% of North Americans have an anxiety disorder in their lives. The worst part is it’s getting worse, with more and more people suffering from anxiety every year.
This is why we’re offering the Tranquil Minds Program.
This isn’t just another program designed to teach you a single cherry-picked solution that worked for someone. There are lots of resources out there saying you need to spend hours meditating everyday or eat some crazy raw vegan paleo diet or that you’ll never get better unless you become a yogi.

Sure some of that stuff might help, but it’s missing the main part. YOU.
That blueprint of calm is already inside you. You don’t need some crazy technique to bring it out, you just need more of you, and a strategy to help you get there.
Are you ready to let go of old habits and create a calmer life, unburdened by uncertainty, anxiety and worry?


The Tranquil Minds Anxiety Program

Your visits will be customized to meet you where you are at in your own health journey, and will incorporate treatments for anxiety as part of a wholistic plan to help you meet all of your health goals. 

What’s Included?

Your 75 Minute Initial Naturopathic Appointment including a full health and lifestyle assessment
6 follow up appointments over the next 12 weeks

In-office Treatment Including Access to Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling, Supplement Recommendations, Acupuncture*, and IV or Injection Therapy*.

6 Online Step-by-Step Tranquil Minds Video Modules To Teach You The Tools

Create Calm Workbook

Ongoing Listening, Support, & Encouragement (Additional Fees Apply)

Here is What You’ll Learn to Help Create a Lifestyle that Builds Relaxation Over Apprehension


Success Set Up

In the first week of the program we lay down the foundation for TRANSFORMATION. First we will develop clarity around WHY you are making these changes in your life. Then we will TAKE STOCK of your current tools and traps. Also we start developing practices that help you listen to your own voice so you can move through the rest of the program and make changes that are authentic to the life you want


Nourish Your Brain (and Body)

In this week we will go into detail around what foods your brain needs to be nourished and calm. Most of us know what we are “supposed to eat” so we will also be discussing WHY this becomes challenging and HOW to overcome common dietary obstacles.


Joyful Movement

This week is all about discovering how to make exercise THE BEST PART of your week - even if you HATE exercise. Learn the differences between Yin and Yang exercise and when to use them to keep your mood BALANCED.


Minding Your Moments

In this module we will cover an introduction to mindfulness. A lot people hear mindful meditation and think they have to become a monk. This couldn’t be further from the truth, mindfulness is truly an ancient solution to a modern problem. This module will cover formal mindfulness (like meditations) and also more casual ways to bring mindfulness into your life (that still make a huge difference).


Serene Sleep

This week is all about hitting the reset button on your sleep. Anxiety makes it hard to fall asleep, but not sleeping makes you more emotional. This week the focus is on breaking the cycle of sleep and anxiety and building restorative sleep habits.


Listening to Your (TRUE) Inner Voice

I’m not going to lie - this week is kinda my favorite. I have this theory about anxiety, which is, that for a lot of people, anxiety is a spiritual crisis. Yes it manifests in the mind and body and that’s what the previous weeks are all about, but this week, it’s about connecting to yourself. To your spirit. To who you are and your purpose. Because when you are connected in this way, and you are making decisions from a place of connection and self confidence, there is a level of calm and peacefulness that can’t otherwise be matched. 


Creating Calm (to withstand the storms)

By this week in the program, you will have made some serious changes in your life. This is where a lot of people begin to worry that won’t be able to maintain their progress which is why this module is focused on ways to keep connected with your inner sense of calm over the long term, no matter what chaos comes into your life.

But in Order to Ease some of your Concerns
I’ve Created this FAQ Section  
Because I Know you are Wondering...

How is the course actually delivered?

This is a program developed through working with patients one-on-one in my naturopathic clinic. It is available to residents of Ontario as an online course with additional individualized support with naturopathic medicine. You’ll receive access to an online platform that delivers each week’s tools and homework while checking in with me personally at regular intervals to check in on your progress and support your overall health goals. 

What if all this is totally new to me?

That’s why we created this course. So many people with anxiety just had no idea that what they were eating had anything to do with their mood. Before I started naturopathic medical school I had never heard of mindfulness. But I know these things now and they keep me (and my patients) sane. I want to save you the trouble of researching each thing on it’s own, and feeling overwhelmed in the process of taking it all on - which is why we’re offering this program with clear strategies and support. 

What if I do some of this stuff already?

That’s awesome! Each one of the themes of this program is a pillar and everyone is going to have different areas of strength, things they are either already good at, have some kind of previous knowledge about or just take to really easily. This is great because not all of the pillars are a strength for each person. You can focus your efforts on building up the skills you don’t have yet, and optimize the things you are already doing well.

I’m not sure if I should do this.

Yup. It’s hard. But you have to make this decision. Because you can. It’s the first exercise in getting to know that true inner voice.

What happens after the 6 weeks are over?

Most people are confident with the skills they have learned and they graduate and move on. Some want some kind of ongoing support. I can help you sort that out for yourself at the end of the program. 

What kind of additional costs should I expect?

This program has no required supplements, books, apps or memberships. That being said you are going to be making changes in your life and that may impact where you spend your money. Rest assured there are options for every budget. Some people might decide to buy books or subscriptions to gyms or apps. Others will check out things from the library and use the great resource of YouTube. Either way I will help you find the resources you need.

How long will I have access the program?

As long as the program exists, you will be able to access it. So if 3 years down the road, you want to review the module on creating an awesome exercise plan - you’ll be able to.

Ready to Wave Goodbye to Anxiety 
Uncover your True Health Potential?



Choose a time that works for you for me to call you, so you can ask questions about my education or training, naturopathic medicine in general, and (what most people focus on) questions about your health and how my approach may be able to help you. During this conversation we can decide if we’re a good fit and how to move forward. OR if you know you’re ready - skip to step #2. 


We find a time for you to come in (or join me virtually) and share your health history, and complete an initial assessment of the severity of your anxiety, your lifestyle, and what else is going on in your overall health and in your life that may be contributing to your concerns.


This sets aside time just for you, to check in with your progress and receive treatment and support in achieving your health goals and creating the life you want.

Let’s Get Started!

Have more questions? 

Yes, I’m ready!

The people who get the best results are the ones who work hard, take action, and are committed to their success.

We cannot guarantee a specific result from taking this program, but anxiety scores have been reduced by up to 50% in 6-12 weeks with the Tranquil Minds program. • 905-619-2525 •
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